The water element of old age, the winter of our years, bearing always buried within it the seed of new life.   It helps us survive, and drives us on when we feel we may be going under.

In the body, it controls the organs of the kidney and the bladder.

Its emotion is fear for all the dangers lurking around us.

Common Physical Issues of the Water Element out of Balance:

  • Oedema
  • Bladder infections, incontinence, or retention of urine
  • Lower back pain, kidney stones
  • Decreased libido
  • Bone loss, dental problems
  • Vulnerability of kidneys, adrenals, and bladder

Common Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Issues of the Water Element out of Balance:

  • Fearful or totally fearless (adrenaline junkie)
  • Timid and forgetful
  • Feeling of isolation

Water Element in Balance:

  • Alert and aware of risk
  • Self-sufficient and introspective
  • Ingenious, clever
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