5 element acupuncture has helped my life in a multitude of ways; Maire Weaver has treated me on for the past four years, and during this time I have seen improvements in both my physical and emotional well-being. Her treatments have often helped me through very difficult times when I have struggled with anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression, providing me with a vital crutch in such periods. With regards to the physical problems, Maire has treated me for – and cured me of – cystitis, something I have suffered from since early adulthood. 5 element acupuncture has helped me to feel in balanced and like myself – just better! I would – and do – strongly recommend it and Maire to all.

Maddy Fielding

Maire Weaver is an angel in disguise, deep warm and caring- putting you at ease from the moment you walk through the door. I found Maire at one of the lowest points of my life and had been suffering from a deep rooted and very debilitating depression for the last few years which was impacting very negatively onto most aspects of my life. Within the month, Maire had saved me from a lifetime of anti-depressants and my depression lifted almost immediately. I have now been seeing Maire for nearly a year and she has helped with other emotional problems as well as some physical ones such as heavy menstrual periods, weight loss, anxiety, low self esteem, hair loss and lethargy. I highly recommend Maire and the five element acupuncture which she practices- it has been a life saver for me personally and I would not hesitate to encourage those with similar or other problems to seek her help and guidance.

Maria Iglesias

“When I first went for Acupuncture i was going through a very stressful situation in my life. I was amazed how quickly things changed after a few treatments. I suddenly started to see the situation in its true prospective and found the strength to deal with it head on.
I attribute this to the way Maire was able to get to the root of the problem through our discussions before the treatment and identify the underlying problems, she was then able to tailor the treatment needed for my specific issues.
I have now found a new way of life that is much calmer and more balanced.
Acupuncture has truly changed my life, so thank you Maire.”

Elly Ross
Head Teacher